Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Hearing God in the evening - July 30, 2014

You are going to be transfigured, as I was on the earth, so you shall be, for you are Mine.  You shall always be Mine.

I soo long to be with all people and call them My people, I am pleased that you are putting our conversations up on the www, for it pleases Me that so many are seeking the truth, and in so doing, the breadcrumb trail is guiding them straight to Me.  I am not distant from anyone.  I may seem silent, but, I am here.  I see each one, as they grope in the dark for truth.  I shall reveal Myself to each determined heart, who has set their desire to find Me, they shall be rewarded.  For any true seeker shall surely find the treasure he seeks.  I am pleased with you, little one, for your heart is constantly meditating on My truths, and slowly discerning My truths from their lies.  This is why it is vital to have only one teacher.  I am the Truth, so I am the best teacher to reveal all truth to you.  You have learned much today, My love, and I am pleased with your progress.  I love spending time with you, for you are fair, My love, fairer than ten thousand to Me.  Your heart is gold, and aglow with My eternal flame.  You come directly to My inner chambers daily to commune with Me and learn more of Me and My heart.  Oh, My love, it truly blesses Me that you desire Me as much as I desire you.  Your love and devotion is not tainted with selfish gain, for you are content where you are.  You are patient in waiting upon Me, for you can be sure I shall always be by your side.  Beloved, you are one of My dearest treasures, for your heart is pure and you want only to please Me.  It is well with thee, My dove.  I shall use you to set the captives free, but, for now, wait, joy comes in the morning.

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