Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Hearing God in the morning - Sept. 30, 2014

The word became flesh and dwelt among us.  Think on this, My beloved.  I am the word.  I became transformed into flesh, an earthen vessel, and walked among men, once again.  My flesh died and I rose again.  I laid the carnal flesh and the carnal mind down, and I chose to walk in the spirit, for I am spirit, I have always been spirit.  Adam and Eve were spirit first, and then I clothed them in skin.  This concept is difficult for many to grasp.  For most, all they have known is that Adam and Eve were flesh just like them, not so, My dear one, I am your teacher and I desire for you to understand this.  The word became flesh and dwelt among us, is deeper than you know.  For you are spirit, shrouded in this flesh skin, but, Remember, you are spirit, and I download more and more into you, you are being renewed to what you once were.  You are being changed into Me, My likeness, My image, My word.  My word is etched into you, each day, deeper and deeper still.  This is the transformation process, you all are called to.  You shall become the word, and walk the earth giving My light and My bread, to the dark and perishing, lost ones.  As they see your light, they shall be drawn to it, as they eat My bread, they too shall begin to be filled with My light, and I shall etch My word into these also.

Many who do not see, shall see a great light.  They are searching for Truth, for they have never known Truth.  They are searching for Love, for they have never known Love.  The lies are being discarded now, as I move across the earth.  The spirit is drawing each spirit to itself.  I am God, I am your creator.  I created all that you see and know.  I am spirit.  I created man, in spirit and in Truth.  As each of you seek out Truth, you must let go of the lies.  Come to Me, with all your questions, I am here.  I am willing to show you the Truth, but, you, My dear ones, must be willing to receive Truth.  As you seek Me, I shall be found of you.  As you are learning, your understanding in the spirit is enlightening.  This is an inward journey.  You must be willing to let go of self.  Ask, seek and knock.  I shall open up the mysteries to you.  You shall know Me, and I shall know you, this is all I ask of each of you, to know Me, and to let Me communicate with each of you.  You are all My treasured creation.  I desire to teach you, to walk among you freely.  To love you and be loved by you.  I alone am your defense, your allie, and your keeper.  Let Me come in, get to know Me for yourself, the storms are coming, I can help you.  But, I will not force you to seek Me for yourself.  I shall only call to you, through My messengers, these are My own, for they are fully yielded and immersed in Me, look around you, for they walk among you.  Can you see My beloveds shining brightly now.  They are in Me.  Fully loved, fully protected, fully prepared for the days ahead.  I am strong in My beloveds.  I am near to each one, for they are truly Mine.  I wish for all to be Mine.  How long will you tarry at My gates.  Come now, the spirit is drawing.  Will you enter in with Me?

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