Monday, September 29, 2014

Hearing God in the morning - Sept. 29, 2014

Beloved, you shall see many things as you journey through these days.  You shall see many suffer.  You cannot take away their suffering.  For it is appointed unto you to be a witness of these things for Me.  Oh, My dear one, do not allow yourself to be troubled now, you shall walk in love, and give love out, as an offering to Me.  I pour My love into you, and you, now, shall pour out.  You shall stand firm in Me, as the ones around you shall go through severe testings.  My compassion shall encompass you now, but, know this, My love, you are not to take on their pain and affliction.  You are to be as you are, gentle, quiet and lowly.  you are My lamb, My quiet little dove, you shall shine forth for Me as you move, and breathe and go about your day.  Freely I have poured into you, and freely you shall pour out.  You have endured your testing and you have walked through your fires.  Now, your strength shall shine forth, for I am your strength, and I am in you, and I shall flow out of you, as a river of peace, a river of calm and stillness, a river of love, a river of assurity, a river of strength.  My river flows and courses through your veins.  For you, My love, have established a firm foundation in Me, your roots are deep and well watered.  You make your home in Me, and all is well with thee and Me.  Oh, My love, the world shall see Me through you, your words, your actions, all, shall be by My hand and leading.  Your faith is your shield, and My love is your buckler.

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