Saturday, September 27, 2014

Hearing God in the morning - Sept. 27, 2014

Hello, little one, I am here.  It is good to come and wait before Me.  In unity you shall discover much in Me.  Change is upon you now.  My heart beats in anticipation of the joy that is set before Me.  I am eager to take hold of My bride, for you are My prize.  I shall send forth My angels to beckon the lost.  It shall be a quick work.  You, My lovely dove, are ready, prepared, and secure in Me.  You have nothing to fear.  Judgement shall not come upon you, for I have already examined, cleansed, and judged you.  For as you yield, I make all things new.  Do not be troubled by what you see others going through.  I am at work, testing and refining each heart.  Each one shall answer for their own choices.  The decisions you make have consequences.  All will give an account for their own life choices.  I am the only judge.  You cannot judge anyone, for you do not see the whole, clear picture, only I do.  But, know this, I shall discipline, chastise and correct all.  I am doing a great work now.  Soon, all shall feel My hand upon them.  The eye shall see many impossible things now, for the time draws near when men's hearts shall fail for fear of what they see coming upon them.  Oh, fear not, My little one, for you are pure and clean, you are ready, I shall pour forth My love upon you and through you.  You are one with Me, you are Mine.  The world is in for many surprises now.  You, shall not be surprised, for I have already told you many things.  Stay calm, rest in Me now.  Peace is your lot, in the midst of the storm.

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