Friday, September 26, 2014

Hearing God in the morning - Sept. 26, 2014

The service of man is measured in time.  Man's days are numbered.  They are linear.  The timeline that you are traveling through is closing.  My child, this is why there is such an urgency in your desire to have more and more of Me.  For deep within you, there is a knowing that change is upon you all.  If there is a beginning, then there is an end.  But, you, My dear one, have traveled through many levels on your journey.  You have strengthened yourself in Me and I shall make the crooked paths before you straight.  You shall hear Me clearly, saying this is the path, walk in it.  You are quick to hear and obey. You have set your heart on Me.  You have determined in your mind to follow Me, no matter where the path may lead.  This pleases Me, little one, this pleases Me.  Though you may not see clearly with your eyes, you do see in the spirit well.   I am opening your eyes of understanding more, and the realm of faith is opening before you.  This realm of faith is the realm you were created to walk in, to move in, to breathe in and out, for you were created to walk and move in Me and with Me.  You are My child, My bride, and My friend.  I have chosen you, you have chosen Me.  You dwell richly in My Kingdom.  I watch over all your ways.  You are a sweet smelling sacrifice to Me, dear one.

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