Thursday, September 25, 2014

Hearing God in the morning - Sept. 25, 2014

Oh, My love, the days are fleeting now.  The birds sing their melodious songs to Me, as they usher in the new day.  Many cannot see the Kingdom coming, but, you can, My love.  You see Me clearly now.  You draw close to hear Me.  You stand on the wall, and watch for Me.  You dwell in My tents, and you shelter deep within My wings.  Oh, beloved, many are not focused on Me, they are still on the slippery slopes of self.  The mountain of self calls to all now and as each soul is drawn to this mountain they personally hit the self-destruct button.  They are becoming paralyzed with fear, for the god of self, will never protect and care for them.  I alone am the comforter.  I know exactly what each heart needs.  My words are faithful and true.  All who dwell in Me shall be protected and provided for.  They shall find strength to endure every difficulty that comes.  I have put within My children the power and the strength to stand in the midst of whatever challenge is before them, for I dwell within each one.  They are warriors in My Kingdom and We shall arise together as My Kingdom comes forth.  I shall take back My earth.  I shall take back ALL of My earth:  the people, the land, the creatures, the water.  I shall take back all.  I shall restore.  I shall renew.   This shall be a time like no other.  Oh, beloved, this is what I long for.  To be one with My creation.  To walk among My creation once again and not feel distant.  To be known by My creation.  To pour out My love and to receive their love.  I will have relationship.  We shall be one, once again.  Beloved, the time draws close, can you feel the change coming?  Can you feel the urgency of the hour?  Selah.

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