Saturday, August 30, 2014

Hearing God in the morning - August 27, 2014

My Father and I are pleased with you, My love.  Stay faithful till the end and I shall give you a crown of life.  You are patient, quiet, and kind.  You live for Me through every move you make.  You are quick to command your thoughts, to reign in all negativity and only allow holiness to remain in your thoughts.  You have been trained by Me, I have tested you in regards to your thought life.  I have tested your heart and the issues that flow out of it.  I have examined you, and inspected your garments, I do this daily, as you come before Me.  You are clean and pure and holy.  I am pleased with your service to Me.  Oh, My little one, take courage.  In the days ahead, you must be strong, you must lean into Me for your strength to refresh and renew itself.  In your weakness, I am strong, you must cling to Me, lean into Me ,to keep you and strengthen you.  Do not allow yourself to be overtaken by fear or worry, I have told My children in advance many things to come, to strengthen and forewarn them, so that they will not be snared by the deceptions coming upon the earth.  Much evil and wickedness shall be exposed now.  Oh, the plans to kill, sabotage and enslave the peoples are being exposed.  There is much that shall happen now that man has never seen, or experienced.  These things shall test all mans hearts and minds.  Whatever you see coming around you, you must endure, and keep your focus on Me, I am here.  I shall lead you through it all, breathe in, breathe out, I am here with you.  I shall never leave you.  All is well with thee and Me.  Trust no one but Me, My love.  My dove, stay close, do not venture out ahead of Me.  I lead, you follow.  Let patience have her perfect work in you, My love.  The worst of days is before you, But also the best.

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