Saturday, August 30, 2014

Hearing God in the morning - August 26, 2014

This is My Kingdom child, look around you, everything I created is for you to enjoy:  every leaf, every flower, every beast of the field, every bird that soars majestically upon the air, every creature in the ocean, on land and in the water, all, I say all, are created to express My glory.  I am the giver of all life. I am the very breath you breathe, can you see Me in your surroundings.  Look for Me in and through out your day.  I am never far from you, My love.  For you are always close to Me, in your heart and your thoughts.  You continually stretch yourself to know Me more.  Your roots, My beloved, run deep into My fertile ground and are continually fed by My river flowing through you.  We are connected in spirit, where all life comes forth.  I live and breathe, and move in and through My yielded vessels.  I am breaking forth through out the earth in My true sons and daughters.  Be careful not to judge, for none of you know everything.  I shall do what I will do, in people, of My choosing.  Do not count anyone out as useless for My Kingdom.  For I, only I, know the heart and will of a man.  Much shall come through the freaks and cast offs of this generation.  I say again child, look closely at the people, can you see Me, I am here.  Do not judge by what you see, for I am moving among My people.  I am not normal.  I am not boring.  I am not predictable.  I am not contained in a box format.  I am that I am.  Anyone who truly wants to see Me, shall see Me.  What a beautiful day it will be, when all shall see me for themselves.  Look closely, dear one, can you see Me?  I see you. 

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