Saturday, August 30, 2014

Hearing God in the morning - August 28, 2014

Yes, My child, I love you too.  You must focus on Me, and then flow with the words I pour into you.  This is not difficult as some may think.  You do have to have a trained ear and you do have to have patience.  As you still and quiet yourself, and turn your attention, turn your focus, turn your thoughts completely on Me then you shall have an ear to hear.  For all must want to hear, to hear.  Yes, this is Truth.  I speak all the time, but few take the time to listen.  To have a good relationship, one must practice good listening skills, so as to truly hear and understand the heart of another.  I watch and I listen to each of you.  Nothing is hidden from My hearing or My seeing.  There are no secrets from Me.   You all would do well to understand this.  Beloved, men run to and fro upon the earth and under the earth seeking truth in all the wrong places.  I am Truth, seek Me and I will give you peace and rest.  Many things are troubling My dear ones now, for they can sense the changes coming into their atmosphere.  My dear ones know the storm is coming.  Oh, My beautiful Bride, peace, be still and enjoy the show.  I shall display My power and might.  But, My hand shall cover and protect all of My little ones.  Do not fear, dear ones, I see you.  I am here in the midst of thee.  Come closer, My holy lambs, shelter under My wings.  Many things must come to pass, but, know this, I shall bring you through all of it.  I am here, have no fear.  Simply Trust Me to make a way for you.  I am the way.  Follow your leader, I shall bring you forth.

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