Friday, August 22, 2014

Hearing God in the morning - August 22, 2014

It's a beautiful thing when people want to hear Me and commune with Me.  The peace that washes over the soul that is enraptured with Me is a beautiful thing.  My children come, come and rest and abide in Me.  You all are beautiful to Me.  Many are facing challenges, I entreat you, beloveds, hold on, stand firm in your faith through the tests.  These tests are part of your purification.  All will have to go through My refining fire.  If I require you to walk through death, I will give you your life back.  I am in control of everything.  I am in the details, to the smallest thing in your lives, I am here.  I see you.  I see what each of you are going through.  I can read your hearts and thoughts, nothing is hidden from Me.  Do not doubt My hand upon you, each of My little ones will be lead and guided by My hand.  Do not allow fear to inhibit you, I am with you, cast off fear and follow Me, I lead, you follow.  Precious in My eyes are My children who follow Me in the darkness, who reach out and hold to My anchor, who cling to Me, through out all the stormy seas they face.  Yes, they are battered and bruised, but, I tell you the Truth, they shine like the sun for Me.  They glisten and sparkle as My eternal flame burns within them.  They are gemstones and jewels in My crown.  Each one of My children are multifaceted.  They have dug deeply for My well and their eternal springs will never run dry.  They are a well watered garden, I love them, oh, how I love them.

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