Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Hearing God in the morning - August 19, 2014

I am the Truth, I know all.  Nothing is hidden from Me.  As you come and diligently seek out My Truths, they shall be found of you.  Much Truth is available to you, My loves, but, you must be willing to lay down the old doctrines of men, for they do not hold fast to My Truths.  Deception abounds and is everywhere in your world.  Lies taint the simple hearts of men.  See to it that you are not following a lie.  I alone am the way, the truth, and the life.  If you do not find your way back to Me you shall be in outer darkness, completely separated from My glorious light.  I have much, so much to give you all, but, I will not force you to take My gifts.  You must choose to take them, and with a grateful heart believe in Me and My Truths.   If you believe in Me and My Truths.  If you believe all things are possible.  This is where your faith shines, stretches, and grows.  Do not doubt what I am telling you.  You must stand firm in your faith and believe.  For those who believe, I shall remove the veils from their eyes.  For those who are thirsty, and come unto Me, I shall open My well of eternal springs and they shall drink their fill. For those who are hungry, I shall receive all who come to Me, and allow them to feed at My table.  But, to the scoffers, I shall not feed, I shall not water, I shall not comfort.  No, for these stubborn, rebellious hearts, I shall train with My rod of iron.  But, know this, I would rather you hear My gentle calling and come and sit and dine with Me.  Let Me quench your thirst, let Me satisfy your hunger.  I am willing, are you?

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