Sunday, August 17, 2014

Hearing God in the morning - August 17, 2014

Why are you sad, My love?  Do not be discouraged at the darkness you see all around.  Press on, through the darkness in My love.  Let My love shine through you to expose the darkness to My light.  For love is a light to dispel the darkness.  No matter how dark the people act, you must press on in love.  Be the light, the ever increasing light.  For My light is in you child, shine now, for the battle is all around you, fully engaged in every person now.  You are full of My light.  You are full of My love and I have personally trained you for this time.  Gross darkness has entered the people and if they are not strong enough to cast it out, then it shall grow stronger in them, until it consumes them.  You, My faithful dove, are called to walk in love, and light the path, to shine the way for them to come out of their darkness.  Many shall come to try to challenge your love and draw you off of My path of peace, hope and love.  They shall be disturbed by your righteousness, for when they see you, their unrighteousness is magnified, and this disturbs them.  No matter the rebuke, walk in love and let My light shine through you.  You are one of My candles, burning brightly in the darkness.  When you are challenged, peace, be still, keep calm and respond in quietness and love.  Keep the guard upon your gates, and do not lash out angry or hurting words, be quiet, be still and know, I am with you in the midst of this challenge.  Do not react or retaliate to the challenge, overcome the darkness with love, for love is the key, love is the answer, and love conquers all.  Love trumps everything.  I AM LOVE, abide in Me.  Rest completely in My love.

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