Thursday, August 14, 2014

Hearing God in the morning - August 14, 2014

Oh, My child, I love you, write these words, speak this out now, for I am taking accounts of each life and you shall answer for each day.  I live, and created all life.  Each life has a purpose for Me, every plant, every animal, every man.  Nothing is created without a divine purpose in My plan.  I use everything, everything in each life, to mold, shape and establish you.  Many trials that you have endured were sent to fashion you into My likeness and image.  I must do a complete work in every heart.  I will finish the work I have started in you.  Be not dismayed, if you are going through a trial, think of it as a test in the Kingdom.  You must yield to My molding and pressing and squeezing, you must sing in the fires of affliction, praise Me in the test, praise Me when you do not feel like you shall be able to come through the fire.  Rest assured My little ones, I see each of you, and I shall surely rescue all who are clinging to Me.  Your hope and faith and strength must be anchored in Me, for in Me you shall rise victorious through every battle.  The battle is intensifying dear ones, trust Me to get you through every test and trial.  All is not lost, look up, lift your eyes and your hearts and see Me, call upon Me and I shall come.  I do not lie.  You must believe to receive the Kingdom.  These moments now are moments of power and great change, this shall come upon all of you, I am in the change.  Many shall rise to the priesthood and many shall rise to the beasthood, so be it.  But, you will have to live with your own choices.  If you choose to stay in the beast mode, I will train you as a beast, I shall use My whip and rod of iron.  For only I know how to train the beast.

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