Monday, May 20, 2013

Hearing God -3-7-2013

This is what I heard as I was waiting on the Lord on 3-7-13:

SONG:  "Leaning, leaning, leaning on the everlasting arms..."

SONG:  "Leaning on Jesus, leaning, leaning on Jesus"

SONG:  "What a fellowship, what a joy divine, leaning on the everlasting arms..."

Boy, I love that song, the truth rings out loud and clear..."safe and secure from all alarm..." you're safe and protected when you're leaning into Me, I am your way maker, protector, and burden bearer.  My light and shining armour in you will protect you.  The more you draw into Me, the more you are protected, and the stronger you become.  No man is an island to himself.  There is no-where to hide except in Me.  God almighty is your only hope.  I love you child and I always will.  For you are mine, you love Me.  You want Me and I will manifest Myself to you.  You are learning from My Annette about frequencies, and you are understanding more and more each day.  Separate yourself unto Me, more and more, I need more time with you.  You need to pray more and seek My face more, you have scratched the surface, and now it's time to go deeper.  I have much to share with you, My beloved, for you are becoming changed.  I am here, I will guide you into the absolute truth.  My Kingdom is growing within you My child, the man-child is developing inside you, and what you are pregnant with will change the world.  Let Me take over your mind, for I am purging out the dross in you, and little by little you are changing into My image.  Let My love flow out of you lean not on your own understanding, but acknowledge Me, and let Me lead you in paths of righteousness, your holiness is a reflection of Me.  My light in you breaks the darkness.  My love is growing in you, My love, My dove. Your witness is becoming stronger, and your hold on the world is becoming weaker, the cords are less and less, this is great progress child.  I am coming child, only BELIEVE!!!  TRUST in Me, no matter what you see going on around you.  You are mine and I will always protect you.  You are beginning to walk in My love.  I will open your eyes more, I will open your ears, keep seeking Me child with your whole heart, I will not let you miss Me.  I am testing you My beloved little dove.  You will not miss Me child, for the fire I have kindled within you will never go out now or dwindle - BUT it will ROAR, you ARE MY BRIDE - do not doubt this again, our journey is personal between Me and you only, it will not be like anyone Else's.  Each of My children has a one on one personal relationship with Me, each is unique and I will allow you to get as close to Me as you want, but you must come and seek Me, surrender all of yourself to Me, put Me first and I will reveal Myself to you.  As our relationship deepens and grows, our love deepens and bonds us closer together.

***This is what I heard***

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