Friday, May 10, 2013

Hearing God -March 6, 2013

This is what I heard as I was waiting on the Lord on 3-6-13:

You are here and I am here My love.  We are together, We are one.  Waiting on Me is wisdom.  Waiting on Me is life.  I will renew your strength and give you eagles wings.  My ways are simple, My ways are pure, My ways lead to righteousness.  Are you willing to choose My way, are you willing to pay the cost ?  For it will cost you everything.  The only way to gain life, is to lay your own life down.  Submit yourself, humble yourself before Me, lean into Me, incline your ear to Me, for I will always lead you home.  DO NOT TRUST in your own resources or riches.  DO NOT follow after foolish dreams, only follow Me, I alone am your TEACHER, I alone can lead you.  Many are speaking for Me today, But very few are listening to Me.  Keep your peace and stay focused on Me.  I dwell within you, so no matter what your circumstances are, you can always focus on Me and maintain your peace which I give you.  Many voices are in the land, But there is only one True Voice of God.  Speaking in tongues is not the voice of God, it is your heavenly language that you don't understand.  It will build and strengthen your spirit man.  It will help your prayers because it is the Holy Spirit - the Ruach Hakodesh praying through you the perfect will of God in all things.
Speaking in tongues is your prayer language, though a mystery to you, it is understood easily to Me.  Make yourself strong in Me, by praying in tongues.  The devil does not know what you are saying.  But, he knows My power.

SONG:  "Light of the world, you stepped down into darkness..."

I am the light of the world.  Light overpowers darkness, and darkness flees from light!
You must continue to live a fasted life to Me, it will allow you to hear Me clearly.  Come to Me child daily, seek My face daily, take communion daily, Repent daily, stay prepared  daily and I will guide you home.
( wandering thoughts) OK - Stop - Focus on Me (you cannot let your mind be distracted, by meandering thoughts that come wandering through your mind, cast these down, they are trying to distract you from hearing Me).
I am not boring, I am not a God who will sit in a box and behave the way you want you want Me to.  I AM GOD I DO NOT serve you, you were created to serve Me.  I am the invisible God, I am the limitless God, I cannot be put in a box, I am extreme.  It will take your entire existence to know who I am.  Just know - I am for you.  My plans for you are limitless, but I will reveal My plans in My own time not yours.  Remember I am in charge, not you.  If I showed you everything right now you could not handle it.  Little by little is how I will reveal it to you.

VISION:  I am walking or standing in front of snow covered grey steps and about to go up, I see a foot with a sandal going up, sandal is tan/brown, cloak is grey.

VISON:  FedEx man comes to deliver a package to Me.

VISION:  I see Gary standing in MaMaws house under attic door in kitchen

Understanding of all visions:  You are about to ascend to another level with Me you have not reached before, thus the snow on the steps, it snows on the mountain tops, I will go before you, pay close attention to Me and where I put My footprint is where you should step, trust no one, not even yourself, do not second guess yourself, this is double mindedness - only TRUST ME.  Follow closely, it is time.

VISION:  I see Jessica talking on the phone to someone in the laundry room of a house.

Understanding of vision:  Do not be confused, do not be deceived , for whatsoever a man sows, he shall surley reap.

***This is what I saw***

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