Monday, May 20, 2013

Hearing God - 3-8-2013

This is what I heard while I was waiting on the Lord on 3-8-13:

Mene, Mene Tekel pharson = you have been weighed in the balance and found lacking
Mene, Mene Tekel pharson = you have been weighed in the balance and found lacking

(long, long pause...)

My ways are higher than you ways, My thoughts are higher than your thoughts
I cannot be put in a box
I will not show up on demand
But those who wait upon Me, and have patience and long to hear My voice, surely I will come, and yes, My child, My precious dove I was testing you.  Yes, I am here, and yes I was testing you and now I know that you would have waited and left a blank page for this morning if I did not speak.
You are wise My child.  your offering to wait pleases Me much.
Many of My people do not choose wisely, they choose to sleep, to go their own way, to make their own plans, they do not seek My counsel, they have not learned patience.  For patient endurance will inherit My Kingdom, humbly submitting your will to Mine as you Wait on Me will always be rewarded.  Training your ear to hear Me is the best use of your time, I am for you Sherry Gardner, I will never leave you, even when it feels like I am not here, keep your faith because I am here, I am always here.  You are mine, My Beloved Dove.  I will cause you to pass through many waters and tests  and We will cover much ground in the coming days.  I am transforming you into My image.  Keep feeding on Me, keep drinking deeply from My well, you will not miss Me, stay on course, I am leading you.  Keep reading My word out loud - it is changing your atmosphere, it is changing your insides, I am downloading more of Me into you as you Wait upon Me, as you read My word out loud.  The transformation that We both longed for has begun in you.  My light is shining brightly now in you.  I am sending Wisdom to make her home in you.  Never doubt that I am here, for I will never leave you, even when you don't hear Me, Wait, even if you can't hear Me, Wait, Wait I say on Me and I will surely come.  I am truly enjoying our process, you're growing and changing into My likeness and My image.  You are truly becoming a daughter to Me.  Oh, My love, My dove, you are so precious to Me.  I love to watch over you, I love to see you tickled and excited when you find a new truth revealed about Me in My word, or others revelations you have not heard before.  You are becoming one with My Bride and you are becoming one with My true sons and daughters, the veils are being lifted off of you.  I have removed the stoppers from your ears and I am removing more veils from your eyes, your ears are not ringing yet, you have not heard the shofar for yourself, yet you believe it is so,  that is accounted to your account as Faith, and I will reward you openly for it.
I will allow you to hear the shofars blowing now, and the stopped up feeling in your ears is the same as ringing in your ears - you are changing frequencies with Me.
I will not lose you in this.  Every soldier in My army is trained by Me personally.  I know each one and I  and My Father test each one as they ascend the ladder unto Me.  It is a narrow ladder, the path is your own individual journey into Me to find your rightful place which is you destiny in Me.  My love grows, it stretches and secures itself in the hearts of all My True followers.  This path leads to life and hope in Me.  True love grows, it has compassion, it comforts, it encourages, it lifts up and does not cast down.  Love is the Key, with Wisdom there is love, they walk together and No darkness can be found in these.  My TRUE sons and daughters shall be full of Wisdom and Love they shall walk before Me in holiness and righteousness.  I will lead them forth.  They move in unison with Me  They don't move unless I tell them to.  They do not stray from My Ways.  They stay the course.
I have called many
But when tested, I have chosen few -
My chosen vessels shall shine like the Son, they will reflect Me, for We are one.
I will use each chosen vessel to My glory.
Each chosen vessel is a gift to Me from My Father, and I truly treasure each precious one.  We will not be separated for We are one.
My sheep hear My voice, and I know them, and another shepherd they will not follow.  Look, I am doing a new thing.  In the coming days, Great is your God, Worship the Lord God Almighty.  Blessed, Blessed, Blessed Be the Name of the Lord, Blessed are those who know My Name:
Yahushua Ha Mashiach

I am coming, stay tuned for more details.

***This is what I heard***

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