Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Hearing God - 3-1-13

This is what I heard as I was waiting on the Lord on 3-1-13:

SONG:  "Yahusha Ha Mashiach, the Lion and the Lamb, the mystery of heaven come to earth a mortal man..."
SONG:  "Time Passages..."

This earth will soon travail, I will judge the works of man, Only I can read your mind, and thoughts do not escape Me.  Your thoughts are always upon Me now, this pleases Me child, My love, My dove, did you read My song of Solomon again?  Yes, I know you did.  Did you notice you were in there, beautiful isn't it.  My Fathers Plan is Perfect.  And it's unfolding beautifully.  Our house is full of Honor, our house is full of Glory, Our house is full of Splendor, Our house is full of Peace and Love, come My child, do not tarry and let us go to My house.  I have planted a garden for you in our house, and the vine you so longed to taste, years ago, the grape clusters that taste like ice cream are there in abundance for you.  The garden is filled with roses, and daisies, and peonies and every other flower that will make your heart go pitter patter, the fragrance from your garden is amazing and I long to show you your surprise, be of good comfort I am going to take your mom home soon.  She has endured much for Me, and I will reward her faithfulness.  Remember, My children are all at different stages in their walk with Me.  I have alot of children, but I desire soo many more.  It pleases Me when they walk in love, it grieves Me when they walk in "self love".  Always be gentle and kind, always think the best of people, always show compassion for others, do not withhold your hand from the needy.  Look for people to bless, let Me grow big in you, it is My desire to show Myself through you.  Look - Eyes open now child, do not turn away from a need you see, if someone needs shoes, give them shoes, if someone needs food give them food, My light in you needs to ebb and flow out of you and when it does it blesses Me.  you are not responsible for everyone, you are responsible for the ones I put in your path, what you do Reflects Me.  When you give a smile, a cheerful greeting, a warm hug, a meal, a food gift, shoes...these are things that I lay on your heart to do, this is My will for you, it's not something you thought up on your own, it's Me, train yourself to recognize me.  Train yourself to obey Me.  You share My love and obey My Will, when you do these things.  My ways are simple and have a huge impact that you don't see.  When you do these little things as they are received by others, My love bursts forth, and they literally feel loved and cared for, and they express and share that love with others, it's a ripple effect.  There are no SMALL things done for My Kingdom, everything has value and serves a purpose for My Kingdom.  DO NOT judge anyone, that is not your job, no matter what you know, no matter what you've seen or heard about anyone - DO NOT JUDGE them, for I am the only judge.  You are called to walk in love and to serve.  You have a servants heart, but, you must continually walk in My ways.  I will guide you, you just need to yield to Me.  My way is not hard, it is narrow and requires you to deny yourself, but it is not hard.  My ways are gentle and kind, pure and clean, holy and righteous, loving, merciful and compassionate.  These are My ways, these are some of My attributes.  you My precious dove are called to walk in My ways.  DO NOT DISMISS the thoughts that come to your mind on making a card, or writing a letter, or buying a meal, or sending a muffin, these are all My desires not your own.  you are a blessing to all.  The little things you do for kids are My desire, I desire JOY, I desire LOVE to abound in the hearts of men, and these things no matter how small they appear are part of My Kingdom spreading from within you.  So, Remember, My child DO NOT JUDGE, only love, forgive constantly, love constantly, show My mercy and compassion constantly.  I am with you and in you for all the world to see, the question is:  Will you let them see Me?  Don't let the devil, that little fart, deceive you, these are not unnecessary things that cross your mind to do, don't listen and believe his lies, for he does not want others to feel loved, he desires that love will grow colder and colder and be no more.  But, now you know, now you see, these things I ask of you, I ask by putting ideas and thoughts into your mind like "I would like to make some muffins or cupcakes or cookies", or "I should give her a call", or "I should send them a card" or " I should check on her" - these things are from Me, they issue forth from my heart, to reach out and touch others, My touch has healing power, My touch gives strength to the weary, My touch spreads My love and My touch brings hope and restores souls.  I want, My desire is to flow through you, let Me use your hands, let Me use your mouth.  Let Me use your mannerisms to express My love, I need you child, I need to use your talents.  There are many hurting people and the terror and the turmoil is cranking up, men's hearts are already failing them for fear of what they see happening, and they have seen nothing yet, compared to what is coming.  But, you My child, My precious one, I need you to go, light your world, sow love, sow compassion, show forth My goodness and My love, and you will sow seeds deep into the hearts of men, and this love will draw them to Me.  Tell them, God laid it on My heart to do this for you, or make this for you, etc. This will touch them deeply, to know, to hear, that I was thinking about them.  People don't realize that I think about them constantly and long to have a relationship with them, each one is precious to Me.  I love all of My children, even the lost ones.  It is My desire that all would come to Me and be filled with My love for My love will provide for them.  I want, I desire to talk to each person - one on one.  Tell them how to Wait on Me.  Tell them how to be still and silent before Me.  Tell them to ask Me to come and talk to them, and then be silent and listen to the still small voice inside of them.  Tell them I want to talk to them one on one.  Tell them I have much to say, and they will need Me in the coming days to lead and guide them.  Tell them if they seek Me, I will be found of them.  Tell them to take a notebook, or a journal and pen or pencil and wait silently before Me.  Tell them to form the habit of coming to Me at the same time each day.  Tell them to write the date of the day down and write what they hear My still small voice say.  Tell them this will train their ear to hear Me and they will be amazed at what I say, they will find Me, NOT RELIGION OR RULES, they will find ME. Tell them the morning is best, before the cares of this world come crowding in and they have no time for Me.  Tell them I'm coming.
You My child are a great blessing to Me, I love you, I love you, I love you, now go start your day.

****This is what I heard***

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