Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Hearing God -2-28-13

This is what I heard as I was waiting on the Lord on 2-28-13:

I am coming to shake the earth.  The inhabitants are unprepared for Me.  This is a wake up call.  WAKE UP you sleepers, I am coming, prepare to meet your maker.  No one can stop My power.  No one can escape My wrath, for I see all, I know all, I will repay all according to their works, whether evil or righteous.  The day of reckoning is here, stay close My child, lean into Me, shelter in Me, speak to Me daily and often during the day.  I am your hiding place.  I will never leave you or forsake you.  I will always, always give you a way of escape.  Come to Me child, ask of Me anything and I will answer you.  Your life was always pre-destined to be with Me, that is My desire for everyone, but, it hinges on your free-will choice.  You have chosen a good path.  Your path is My way and I am well pleased with you.  Keep praying child I am listening.  Keep training your ear to hear My still small voice, Oh, how I love you.  you will need to hear Me clearly in the days ahead, so pay attention to My words, your life will depend on it.  Obedience will be your constant.  This is My world, I created it for My pleasure, and the powers of darkness that rule it now - will be eradicated.  Trust no one but Me.  Wait on Me child, My love, My dove, do not grow weary in this.  Always choose My will for you, come often during the day and submit your will to Me.  Your life is in My hands, and I will protect you, I will provide for you, I will make a way for you, no matter what is happening around you.  My hand has always, always been on your life.  I have always, always loved you, you are My Beloved Dove, and I treasure you child, I need you, and I desire your love and worship, for it blesses Me when you Wait upon Me, it blesses Me when you desire and long for My presence.  It blesses Me when you think upon Me and dwell and abide in Me.  You are on the right path, you are in My perfect will for you.  As you endeavor to seek Me out, I will be found of you, for I am your treasure, I am your portion, I will never forsake you child as long as you remain in Me.  Abiding in Me brings life, strength and honor to you.

Focus on Me child, we are not done (my mind wandered)

Your patience and faith shall be rewarded, for your Father sees  all and will reward your diligence.  My Father loves you, as I love you for we are one, My Father and I.  All things are held by Me.  My life is the power source for ALL LIFE.  If I remove Myself, it's lights out, everything will perish.
I have SO much planned for Us, I have many, many wonderful and beautiful plans for our life together, after the millennium, and the earth passes away We will still be going strong together, for nothing can separate us now.
Live in Me, live for Me, let Me count the days of our love.  Love grows and grows there is no end to My love.  My love is unfathomable.  I tell you the absolute truth in all things.  My light is penetrating the darkest crevices of your being, deep into your heart My light goes, exposing everything, nothing is hidden from my light.  You can have no secrets from Me.  I know everything about you, My love, My dove.  Your choices are well pleasing to Me.
Don't let your outer family distract you, don't be concerned with all the other people tied to your mom.  They are not your responsibility, they are mine.  Keep your compassion, honor and care for your mom, but as for the others they are on their own paths that they have chosen, and I will deal with them.  You walk in love, and Trust in Me for everything, don't pick up their burdens, follow Me, I will tell you what you can and can't do.  You are not responsible for their welfare, I am..DO NOT take on their burdens.  Only do what I tell you to do.  Your life will flourish in My hands, you will be a blessed woman in My Kingdom.  Don't look at your physical circumstances, look in the spirit for your blessings, for in the spirit is where you truly live.
NO, you may not see the new Oz movie (for when you view these movies, entities enter through your eye-gate and create havoc from within, they open doors for other evils to come in and cause much damage, most people see these movies and view them as harmless entertainment, but, I tell you the absolute truth these movies are not harmless.  So Beware, take heed to My words and DO NOT expose yourself, keep a guard on you gates.  Defend your temple, for what you sow, you will reap!  Again I say, DO NOT watch the Oz movie or the Giant (Jack the Giant killer) movie, and stop watching the new Alice with Johnny Depp movie.  DO NOT disobey Me in this.  You have had a check in your spirit when you were watching it, but you ignored Me and pretended not to hear Me!  I know you heard Me, and I know you chose not to heed My voice!  Nothing is hidden from Me child!

***This is what I heard***

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