Friday, May 3, 2013

Hearing God 2-26-13

This is what I heard as I was waiting on God on 2-26-13:

Oh, how I love thee, let my count the ways.  My love is deeper than the ocean, My love is higher than the heaven, My love is wider than the sea.  Oh, how I love you child, My Bride, My dove.  People cannot fathom My kind of love.  There are no bounds to My love and it never dies, drink deeply of Me and you shall know the depths of My love.  My heart is open to you, can't you feel My love for you.  We are growing in you and We can feel your love for Us, you honor Us with your love.  We are abiding with you, for We are drawn to love as you abide in Us.  Our love and care for you caused Us to form the world, a beautiful place, a home for you to dwell in safety and our love, but , alas, the earth, due to the evil of man's heart has fallen into despair, even the colors you see on earth are muted because of sin, but, I will restore My creation, My glory and splendor shall once again reign in the earth.  I shall remove all vesture of sin, I shall surely blot out all iniquity.  Only the righteous shall remain, for only the righteous can stand in My presence and not be consumed.  I am an all consuming, holy, righteous fire and only the pure, My little ones, will be able to live with Me, for I require purity and holiness in all the land I dwell in.  Keep your temple pure and holy before Me.  Keep your guards upon the gates of your temple:  eyes, ears, mouth, let no evil or impurity spring up and remain, cast down and out, Repent so that no root will grow in you.  Did you know everything is a seed.  Everything is in seed form and what you sow you will reap.
I plant the seed (My Word, My thoughts) into people and some yield to it and it grows and produces beautiful fruit, a life of love, purity, and compassion.
Satan sows his seed (evil intentions, Selfish - me, me, me mindsets, self centered lifestyles.  cruelty to one another, dishonoring to one another, sexual sin of all kinds.  His seed takes root in people when they yield to it, they are unaware the seed has taken root, by yielding to it they have purposefully and willfully set their feet on a path of destruction, and destruction they shall have, I will give all, the desires of their true heart.
Choose carefully, choose wisely for your desires will be given to you, and you will drink from the cup of the jealousy offering, some will flourish, most will perish.  Everyone needs to WAKE UP to the true condition of their heart, I desire to make everyone clean, but, I can only work thru yielded vessels who humble themselves to Me and own up to their sin, repent before Me and ask Me to help them.  I have given  everyone free-will, and I will not take that away from people, I will not force Myself on anyone.
For I am honor and I am TRUTH and I am Life.  Come to Me and live.  Don't listen to Rachel in everything, she only knows in part, but she is mine and I am working in her as I am working in you.  What ever you hear that is confusing or you don't agree with bring it to Me and ask of Me.  For you know that there is a hell, and there is a heaven, I will never abolish either one.  Both serve a purpose for Me.  I am Alpha and Omega, I have a purpose for everything I create and do.  Lean into Me child, for I will not lead you astray.  I am your teacher in this journey.  I know the answers to every quiz and test.  Seek Me out, in all things.  As long as you abide in Me, I will abide in you and show you many revelations.  It is fun to teach you child, for you are eager to learn more of Me, you are willing to hear and I will always reward those who diligently seek Me.
Yes, I have given you the mantle of humility, But, you must not take it off.  Quench pride, when it rises within you, crush its head and stay grounded in humbleness and humility, never think more highly of yourself than others.  When you view people, take on My view not your own fleshly view.  Remember how I see them, and what My will is for them.  Remember My love for each one, I created each one in My own image and they are all precious to Me, even the prodigals, My hope and My hearts desire is that they turn and return to Me.  Think of them as being at war away from home (for, they truly are at war right now and the prize is their allegiance, their will, their very soul) My deepest desire is that all will find their way home.
The battlefield is truly bloody, and many that I loved are littered on the ground, death has come, and they never made it home.  My heart grieves for them, My precious child each heart that is cold and empty I could easily fill and warm with My love, but, I can only do what each free-will will submit to and yield to Me.  Stubborn people, stiff-necked, they are all asleep, there is no guard at the gate, all their gates are open, their temples are being raided and trampled on.  They think they are wise and that they know Me, they know nothing of Me, for if they did they would not act the way they do.  If they knew Me, they would not talk the way they do, for they would be very, very careful of their words, for they would know they are going to give an account of every idle word.
These stubborn, stiff-necked people will reap all that they sow.  I am not blind I see all.  They cannot deceive Me, although they do try.
Remember, for out of the heart, the mouth speaks, words are creative and powerful.  You can tell alot about the person by their words, evil spirits and frogs come out of their mouths, you shall know them by their fruit, separate yourself from the unclean.  Do not defile yourself with the deceived ones.  Do not join in with the den of vipers, poison drips from their lips, careless words like daggers pierce the hearts, poison is on the edges of the daggers and festers and causes all kinds of pain, mental anguish, anx and sickness.  WATCH your words.  Walk humbly and carefully before Me.  Walk in love, love is patient, love is kind, love does not think more highly of themselves than they ought to.  Love is gentle, love is pure.  Love has clean hands and a pure speech.
Listen to your words, examine yourself, if necessary, and TRUST Me it is very necessary to do self-deliverance.  Do it daily, hourly, minute by minute cast the devils out, cast the idols down.  Repent, for the Kingdom of heaven is at hand.
Everyone has angel's, more than one, recording everything they say and do.  Everyone has a lifebook and on judgement day they will have to give an account of everything they did and said to Me.  I am the judge.  Only the things that are truly repented of will be expunged from your books by My blood.
Not everyone has guardian angels.  But everyone has recording angels.  DO NOT BE DECEIVED, the day of reckoning is coming, and you are without excuse My children, you have been warned.
Guard your gates, it's important.  Be ye holy, for I am holy.  Walk in love.  Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand.  yield, submit your will to Me, and I will show you the way.  My way is easy, but few are willing to come, choose you this day.  You always have a choice, choose wisely, it's important.
I love you child, My love, My dove, I will speak to you again, now go your day has begun.

***This is what I heard***

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