Friday, May 3, 2013

Hearing God 2-25-13

This is what I heard while I was waiting on God on 2-25-13:

Paul was My servant.
My Beloved, Trust Me, if I tell you not to read something in My word then don't, otherwise read it.  My word remains and will remain forever.  My Word is truth.  My word is life.
Eat Me, Drink Me, ALL of Me, you will not be deceived, I will tell you if you are being deceived in My Word.  Lean on Me, not you own understanding.  Focus on Me, I am here.
You are too "full" to hear Me clearly, you will hear Me better in the fast, this is why you are called to have a fasted life before Me.  So that We can communicate.
My life and light is pouring into you.  I am busy filling you with Me, in your life.  Filling you with My ways, My thoughts and My heart.  I will lead you, I will not deceive you.  My plans for you are big, bigger than you can imagine.
SONG started playing in my head:  "My life is in your hands"
My ways are higher than your ways, Trust Me, My love, My dove, we are on this journey together, I will not lead you astray, lean on Me .  We are getting to know one another, We are building our relationship.  I will know My Bride, and you, My Bride, will know Me, My ways, My thoughts, and yes, My heart.
I am filling you with My love, I am leading you through the door of righteousness, you are entering into My Rest.  The true sabbath Rest is yours, but, you must take it.  I am doing the work in you and for you.  Your job is to Wait before Me, in humble patience, and TRUST that I am doing a work in you.
My number one goal for you, is for you to REFLECT Me, your light will come from Me, and it grows and glows as you wait upon Me.  I am your source, I am your everything.  Lean not on your own understanding.  Your life is in My hands and My way will "Keep" you.  My path is the only one that will lead you home.
Listen to Me, HEAR Me and live.
As I reveal things to you throughout the day, you must HEAR ME and repent of the evil that comes up out of your own heart, this is the dross that I am stirring up and pulling out of you.  I can only pull it out of you when you own it, acknowledge that you see it, and repent of it before Me, then and only then will I remove and expunge it from you.  The more you repent before Me, the cleaner, fresher, lighter you will be.  There are many layers built upon you that must be removed, and
I am the only one that can reveal them to you, I am the only one that can do My Fathers perfect work in you.
I know you have set your heart to hear Me, I have heard your prayers of surrender and submission to Me.  I have seen your response to My still small voice in church yesterday, when pride was revealed and jealousy was revealed towards another-you recognized it from My correction and you immediately yielded to Me and repented, did you notice how effortless it was to yield now, no arguing or second guessing Me - that shows Me, you are growing in My ways.
It's the little foxes that spoil the vine.  Remember as I bring the TRUTH  to you, Yield, humble yourself, own your sin and Repent, Repent, Repent and I WILL cleanse you.
As you yield, layer upon layer is being lifted off.  Listen to Me as I reveal your true heart.
Last night you were tested with her, the battle was raging, you even broke out in sweat due to the stress and pressure from another, and when you finally realized it and yielded to Me and did not release your words, your peace came and you rested in Me.  Always attune your eyes and ears to Me, in every circumstance and storm.  I am here in the battle with you, and I will show you the way.
The way, is My Fathers Perfect Will for you, always yield when you recognize Me.
Remember to fall out of My Rest is to fall into disobedience to Me, so always, always, yield to Me.
Your life is in Me, You are Resting in Me.
You are training your senses to recognize the flesh in the test, and yield to Me.  Strength and honor come from yielding to Me in all things, even the little foxes, as I expose them and root them out, Repent and be cleansed and walk in My love.  My love will sustain you in all things.
You are wise to watch your words.  Keep that guard in place.  Let no evil spirits or frogs come into your vessel and pour forth out of your mouth, for these are the things that defile you.
Remember, I am life, I am love, I am peace for you, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are pure and honorable, virtuous, holy, clean, if there be any virtue, it there be any praise think on these things.
Keep guard over My temple where I make My abode.  Keep guard over your gates:  eyes, ears, mouth. For the enemy is prowling around you desperately seeking an entrance into you, he desires to stop your growth in Me, for He See's the power growing in you, and he knows it's Me, as long as you remain in Me, as long as you Rest in Me, yield to Me, humble yourself to Me, and walk in My love, your strength will grow.
I will overtake you in the path, and I will make Myself big in you.  Cast down your feelings, cast off fear, abide in Me, shelter in My wings.  I love you dearly child.  Stay alert, watch your steps, keep guard over your circumstances, in every moment of your day, yield to Me, listen to My voice, Hear Me child, and it will go well with you.
There are many tests through-out each day, learn to recognize them.  Ask Me to reveal these tests and reveal the way to act in them to gain the victory, Always yield to Me, no matter what the circumstance is.  Nothing is impossible to My, I love you and will always show you the way.  TRUST and OBEY ME and it will go well with you.  My precious one, My love, My dove.

***This is what I heart***

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