Friday, February 24, 2012

Rebecca is Pitching

Hello There,
It's finally Friday....last night,  actually, afternoon we went to watch Rebecca's first softball game of the season for her school....she is a Catcher....who this season.... is going to be the Pitcher (and she actually wants to pitch and take lessons)....and Coach Delarosa is going to be giving her pitching lessons, with his daughter Samantha (who is an amazing pitcher and got a scholarship for pitching)....she got up to bat twice and nailed it and scored both times....she pitched 55 pitches in this game and 23 of them were strikes....I did not keep up with the wild pitches that got away from the catcher (I was keeping the book and don't normally mark all the pitchers stuff, but I will be)...this is going to be an interesting season...and Rebecca has not had any pitching lessons yet...they tied 4-4...and Monday they play the same team again in Brazosport....She only hit two players up to bat....the little catcher, Lexi,  is new to our school...she has been playing softball for a while and she is a good little catcher and Rebecca just loves her...her coach said these two are going to be a gooood team.....I think she is right....Rebecca did not have a ton of homework and no league games last night, so, we got to stay and watch the high school girls team play...and now we are booked for the next few months with intense softball schedules....opening season starts this weekend....and there are games Sat. and Sun. and on Monday she has an away school game in Brazosport at 4:30 and then a league game in Santa Fe...but I don't know the time yet...I just glanced at the schedule the other day....and she has to fit in homework as well....this is going to be a great season for her...she will be Catcher on her league team....and Pitcher on her school team....Awesome....I love having a sporty girl in the's fun and always lots of things to do....Well, I hope everyone is doing well, and has a great weekend....and I hope to get some scrappin in this weekend too....

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