Saturday, January 21, 2012

An Unclouded Day

Oh the joy of an unclouded day...for me unclouded is not having to be at a doctor's office, hospital, ER, surgery, or nursing home...lately....which I will find myself again Monday with my mom...BUT... today is a  beautiful unclouded "all about ME kind of day"'s good to have days like brightens my spirit and I get a little giddy and giggly....I'm going to go pick up a friend and we are going to an ALL DAY stamp and scrapbooking Expo that starts at 10:00am and goes to 5:00pm and at the same time in a different room is an all day scrap from 10:00am till MIDNIGHT...which I have already pre-paid...I can't promise I can last till MIDNIGHT...because my inner workings of a bedtime clock start sounding the alarm around 10:00pm...but I'm going to try to push thru and force myself...(seriously giggling as I write this, I told you I get a little giddy on my unclouded days)....Oh, can you tell I'm a little excited...I packed my bags last night and wheeled them into the kitchen, so that they would be closer to the door...(yes, I have several bags in which I carry my get my scrapbooking MOJO working)...I will post some pictures later I time is seriously slipping away and I need to be out the door by 9:00am....I hope you have an unclouded day....God is good all the time...and all the time God is good....Life is good...enjoy your journey....take joy in the little things...they will carry you in the big things that come...

Well, I have to go it's time to go get my SCRAP on....Oh the joy of an unclouded day....:)

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