Sunday, April 24, 2016

Hearing God - April 23, 2016

As I was waiting on the Lord, this is what I heard:

Oh, the joy that is set before you My children, come and see, I am manifesting in you NOW.  Consider yourselves activated.

Oh, My Kingdom is rising within you NOW.  This is no time to fear.  Cast off all fear, for I have chosen each of you for such a time as this.

My dear ones, dream, dare to dream, and go forth and pursue your dreams.  For I am for you.  I am in you.  I am your strength and I am your power.  Your destiny in Me is only just beginning.  For eye has not seen and ear has not heard what I have prepared ahead of time for you.

You have labored.  You have struggled.  You have been tested.  You have come through many storms.  Yes, some of you have stumbled, I see you, and I know your heart.  You have set your face like flint and you shall continue on.  You may fall down, but you WILL get up.  For I Myself have strengthened you.

My dear ones, you are My overcomes.

 I have chosen the best wine for last.

You are My chosen vessels.

I birthed you for such a time as this.  I know you.  I hear you.  I am in the midst of thee.

 Again I say, fear not, dare to dream, and dream BIG NOW, for My Will is to bring forth your dreams so that I will be glorified in your life.

I am for you and I will direct your steps.  Beloved, it is time for you to start walking in your authority.

You are spirit and then you are flesh, think on this.

You are spirit as I am spirit, think on this.

You have power as I have power, for I have given it to you so that we may be one, think on this.

You have authority over anything that you encounter on earth and in the air, and over all the enemy.

 Your sphere of influence is stronger that you know.  You just need to focus in on Me and learn how to release it.

My daughter is yielded to Me as she writes these words, they are seeds.

My dear ones, your thoughts are seeds, your words are seeds, your actions are seeds.  Everything you do has a cause and effect.

You are supernatural, think on this.  Super is spiritual and natural is physical in the flesh.  Read My word and find this to be true.

 You must become aware of who you are and start walking in your authority.

My dear ones, your best days are just ahead.  Believe in who you are in Me.  I believe in you.


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