Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Hearing God - March 22, 2016

As I was waiting on the Lord, this is what I heard:

My dear one, you must continue on with Me.  My servant is coming close to you NOW.  Do not turn back, do not turn down this opportunity.  For this is a divine appointment for you, and she shall impart to you a gift from Me that will help you on your journey.

Stay the course.  Focus completely on Me.  I am the goal.  Forsake all to come to Me.  Press in, I am revealing much to you in revelation to some key scriptures you have pondered over.  Oh, Beloved, you are a sponge now, soaking and absorbing much revelation.

Oh, My child, this pleases Me, this pleases Me much.  For you have entered into My divine realm of impartation and you shall receive much from Me NOW.  Beloved, do not back off.  Do not slack off in your pursuit of Me and your quest for understanding.

For seed time and harvest is upon you, and you the reaper shall overtake the plowman in collecting the fruit.  For as soon as it is sown in your ears, it is supernaturally imparting to you revelation after revelation.  For you have labored in your understanding and NOW the mysteries are being revealed to you.  Much fruit shall you gather NOW.  For in your patience you shall receive your reward.  You have given due diligence as you have pursued Me with a humble and pure heart.

I shall give you understanding and open to you the doors of revelation.  This training season, NOW, shall download much into you.  Take notes, write it down as things come to you.  For you shall received answers to your questions in rapid fire.  You shall receive creative ideas and witty inventions.  Your writing shall flourish as I allow you to flow in My spirit.

Beloved, there are many creative gifts I have placed within you.  Allow Me NOW to guide you in how to express and manifest in these gifts.

The time is NOW.


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