Friday, March 18, 2016

Hearing God - March 17, 2016

As I was waiting on the Lord, this is what I heard:

There are many things unfolding now, My dear one.  Remember to be open to the new.  Much will be revealed to you that will not look like you thought it would look.  But, it will be strange and unexpected.  Remember to not reject my chosen vessels I send to work with you, for you were created to do much in My Kingdom.

Always tests the spirits that come before you, not all are of the enemies camp.  Ask them if the spirit of the Lord sent them, they cannot lie about this.  Some of My vessels look like you in human form, but most do not, a good term for them would be what you call 'creatures' for they are different from you and shall manifest to you in many forms.  You shall discern them as you test them.  In so doing, you shall not be deceived.

Many come in the form of light and orbs, for most (people) cannot mentally accept the drastic difference from what they know and have been taught.

The Kingdom Age is upon you, My love.  You are living in it.  You are taking up and walking in your authority.  This pleases Me, My little one, this pleases Me much.  For your faith has made you whole.

You have chosen to engage with the host, for NOW is the time and in so doing, I am turning your visitation into a habitation.   You shall leave these words as you walk this out, they shall be a bread crumb trail, for many are seeking Me for NOW is the season you all are in.

Behold, I am doing a new thing.  You must be vigilant in your words.  Lock and Load your mouth, release your authority and command My hosts, they shall hearken to every voice that shares My frequency and releases My words.  For in so doing you shall bring down the enemy and push back the darkness.

Beloved, there is so much I have put in you, step out and walk in it.  Release My anointing over everything, everywhere and everyone.  This is the time to rise up, and manifest Me and My Kingdom.  NOW is the time, NOW is the place, NOW My sons and daughters are taking their positions in Me and the fullness of My glory shall Rest upon them.

There's an army rising up, there's an army rising up, to break every chain.  The hosts has been released to you to war on your behalf.


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