Thursday, March 17, 2016

Hearing God - March 16, 2016

As I was waiting on the Lord, this is what I heard:

You are in a good place now child and you shall hearken to the voices of My beloved's as they reveal the mysteries that I have revealed to them.  For you believe.  You do not doubt.  You have allowed Me to stretch your understanding and now you will step into the super-natural.

I am going to give you revelations as you linger here with Me beloved.  This is going to be an exciting time for you.  It will be exhausting at times, but much growth shall come from this season you are in.  For you shall grab a hold of what I am revealing.  As you receive, I shall pour more and more.

I am the God of the impossible.  I shall call forth the light from within you and it shall push back the darkness.  You are going to reveal the power in the spoken word.  You shall expound on My word, and share what you are learning.

As you understand heaven's culture, you shall expand your understanding of Me, My Kingdom, My creation, and My people.

Your prayers are powerful, your words are powerful, for behold I shall do a new thing in you and I shall do a new thing through you.  As you have invested in ME, I shall invest in you.  Your training is going to become more intense.  I have placed multiple creative talents within your earthen vessel.

As you step out to share them, I will multiply and grow them and they shall meet all your needs.  Do not fear stepping out into something new.  For you shall discover joy, and the thrill of the new day.  Oh, the joy that I have in store for you, My beloved.

As you are faithful with your talents I shall multiply them.

Begin to speak forth what you are learning, for NOW is the time of The Kingdom Age, you are aligning yourself with My plans and purposes for you.  I have heard you, it has been recorded that you are willing to step-in, and NOW, behold it shall spring forth speedily, your visitation shall become a habitation.

A habitation of My presence, I shall send many to you to hear.  I shall pour out abundance upon you hands.  The words of your mouth shall attract the hosts to come forth and visit you, your home shall be a birthplace of peace and righteousness, for you have prepared a habitation of My presence.

Study, My love, spend time studying about using My word as a weapon, and let your mouth join with Mine, NOW as you read and speak My word, My hosts shall hear My frequency in your speech.  For heaven shall be activated when you speak My word, beloved, you shall become the sword of the Lord.

Read, study, listen and let your understanding NOW be illuminated in the spirit.  Iron sharpens Iron NOW.

Give My heavenly army, the hosts, something to do, for they stand ready and well able to pull down all the enemies strongholds.  You are called to be on these front lines of The Kingdom Age.  I have spent many years and much time training you in the power of your words.

Beloved, speak, engage, stand in your authority, be violent for the Kingdom.

Remember, beloved, the Kingdom is within you and you must let it out.  Oh, I see you child, you are strong in Me.  Pursue, Overtake, and Recover All, NOW, go forth and flourish, for I am with you.

Draw near, ALL who can hear Me NOW.


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