Monday, March 14, 2016

Hearing God - March 13, 2016

As I was waiting on the Lord, this is what I heard:

Beloved, think it not strange as you encounter anew things in My word, for I am revealing what I have opened for you.  You are a seeker, you come daily to hear from Me.  You eagerly expect to meet and commune with Me, that is why it is so easy for you now to turn to Me and immediately hear and have access to Me.  My dear one, you have been disciplined and persistent in your pursuit of Me and this will always be rewarded.

My dear one, your heart is consumed with My love and I enjoyed our time outside today.

Dear one, pay attention to your surroundings and take pictures for you shall see great things in the heavens, sky, and your natural surroundings.  I am going to reveal many mysteries to you.  Be alert, and receptive.  I am training you in your warfare, for you are now being tweaked and pruned in your understanding of your spoken words, and the power they hold.

Pay close attention to My beloved Kat Kerr, she is going to expound to you what I have already deposited in you.  You, My child, are very strong in your understanding of My Kingdom.  But, know this, beloved, there is always more, much more to learn about Me.

As you learn about Me, you grow in Me and develop deeper roots.  Iron sharpens iron now.  I am drawing you to her.  Soak up these revelations, before they are swept away in the flood of information coming your way.  Do not throw out these concepts that are not familiar to you.  Ask of Me and I will confirm them.

My fire is within you and growing daily.  You, My love, see the value of spending time with Me, soaking in Me and allowing Me to interact, transform and abide in and with you daily.  You and I are connected in love.

I love you dearly and you love Me.  You have received My love and I can see the fruit of it in how you love others. 

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