Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Hearing God - February 8, 2016

As I was waiting upon the Lord, this is what I heard:

My child, I have been with you in the fast.  Day one is closing, take note of your day, peace and then the test... you, My love, held your tongue and answered gently and then peace once again was restored.

 Beloved, I can see clearly My reflection within you and shining through you.  I have heard your prayers and questions about the healing power in your hands.  You, My dear one, have a high electrical energy field coming forth from you and the energy is My healing power flowing through your earthen vessel.  I shall expound upon this further as we go.

As you rise to meet every day, pay close attention to your words.  In the meeting tonight you professed "I am blessed", the river of thanksgiving and gratitude pours forth from you.  You are blessed, much more than you realize My love.  For I am training you personally for the days ahead.  There shall be sunshine and there shall be rain.  Dark clouds and shadows shall press in to oppress you, but, you shall elude them, for you are fully immersed in Me.  My heart is where you dwell.  Fully residing and abiding in Me.

Beloved, this peaceful season you are in is allowing you to rest and be strengthened and restored.  For I shall use you at the appointed time.  As My spirit flows through you, it interacts with other people and My spirit is tangible to them through you.  When you pray, ask Me to show you the power in your hands.

Be encouraged child, for I have begun a good work in you and I am faithful and just to complete it.