Sunday, July 5, 2015

Hearing God - July 5, 2015

As I was waiting on the Lord, this is what I heard:

Voices, voices, voices, many voices are crying out all around you.  Whom do you hear?  Who will influence you?  Who do you choose to follow?  The valley of decision is before you, My loves, My dear ones.  All, except Mine will try to lead you astray.  To draw you off the path of My protection and love.  Do not be deceived.  Walk carefully now, My little ones.  Pray for more discernment, and do not succumb to the fleshly desires of your own hearts.  I am here.  Follow My Spirit, listen and you shall surely hear the voice of your beloved saying this is the path, now walk in it, do not stray to the left or to the right.  Do not look behind, keep you focus and attention on Me, I shall never lead you astray.  Voices, many voices crying out, trying to drown out My voice from within each of you.  Walk carefully now, My little ones.  The day is growing dark and We are almost done here.  Shelter in ME, stay close.  Shut out the noises of the world, be still, quiet yourself, seek Me, ask of Me, knock, and then patiently wait for My response, fully expecting Me to respond.  Beloveds, do not fear.  I am here.  Trust Me to lead you through every difficulty.  I am not the author of confusion.  Did you hear Me?  If you are confused about which way to go or what to do, STOP, quiet yourself and listen for My still small voice, I shall direct you into My peaceful paths of love.  I am not distant from any of you.  If I feel distant from you, it is because you have allowed your life to distance and draw you away from Me.  Draw close to Me now, and I will draw close to you.


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