Sunday, May 31, 2015

Hearing God - May 31, 2015

***Note:  As I was waiting on the Lord, this is what I heard:

Those that wait upon Me shall renew their strength.  They shall mount up on wings like eagles.  They shall run and not faint.  Though troubles surround them on every side, they shall not be moved.  Though calamities abound through out the land, they shall remain strong in Me.  Fully secure in My sheltering arms.  They have made themselves strong in Me.  I am their constant companion.  I stick closer than a brother.  I am with them through the darkness, and through the storms.  They shall never be plucked from My hands, for they are truly Mine and We are one.  My true children are abiding in My vine.  They do not stray from their close connection to Me.

 My children are rising now, can you see them?  They are shining with the force of My Father, Our Spirit lives within these earthen vessels and the light emitting out of them exudes love, for love is the key to set the captives free.  Love is the key to break every chain.

 Do not allow yourself to become stuck in the miry clay of "Why?" things are happening.  Just stay close to Me.  Permanently focused and fixed on Me.  For I alone shall carry you through every difficulty.

 Pray for your loved ones, pray for everyone to be ready for Me, pray for Me to draw them, for I alone am the True Shepherd.  I know every heart.  Pray as much as you can for souls to be drawn into Me, before it's to late.  Each soul has a time table already written into their lifeline.  Only I know how long each life shall live on earth.  Life on earth is just a mist, a vanishing vapor, but, you are spirit, and spirit lives on.  Where will you live in spirit?  I love you all.  I want to inhabit each of you.  Can you hear Me calling?  I exhort you, dear ones, answer My call.  Don't let Me find you sleeping.  Wake up My children.  Can you hear Me?


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