Saturday, May 30, 2015

Hearing God - May 30, 2015

***Note:  As I was waiting on the Lord this morning, this is what I heard:

Beloved, stay with Me, linger here today.  I love you.  I love to spend time with you communing with you, for We are one.  No one, no nothing, can separate us.  Fear not, My love, for I am enthroned in your heart and I shall lead you through every challenge or difficulty you shall ever face.  Keep your focus on Me, My love.  Keep your focus on Me.  My eyes see all.  Only with your eyes shall you see the reward of the wicked.  I know it is difficult to watch the calamities that are befalling the land and affecting the people.  But, I ask you, My love, to trust Me, Trust Me in all things.  For My ways are higher than you ways.   You only see in part right now.  Soon, you shall see the whole picture and your understanding shall be enlarged.

 I have told you, I will cleanse My land.  This is truly no surprise that I am flooding Texas.  For Texas is big and full of pride, I will take down pride and it will bring forth humility as I move My hand across Texas and humble the people, I must increase in the hearts of men and they must decrease in their own opinions of themselves.  Pride goes before a fall.  I will not utterly destroy Texas, but, it will be humbled.

My shaking has begun in the world, and now My cleansing waters shall come forth and cleanse the land.  As I move My hand the land trembles for it can sense the hand of it's maker.  Deep calls unto deep now.

 Behold, the hour comes where man can no longer control anything, and man can no longer depend on himself to get himself out of a jam.  Only those who are truly depending on Me shall be spared.  But, I tell you the Truth, all will suffer, but, I will be a shelter in the storms for My beloveds.

I am the I AM, I am the cause of the change.  I am the one that allows the change to come.  For those who are Trusting in ME, I shall lead.  I shall watch over.  I shall bring forth through every difficulty.
Do not be afraid to die, for to die is gain for My beloveds, fear not.  Be ready, for you do not know the hour I will require your life from you.  I lead, all I ask of you is that you follow,  stay close, My loves, stay close.


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