Friday, April 17, 2015

Hearing God - April 17, 2015

***Note:  Dear one, so many questions are running through your mind.  Remember, quietly abiding is where you should always be with Me.  In gentle quietness I am beheld by you.  I can feel your heart beating in anticipation of our time together.  You are never far from Me, for you are continually thinking upon Me, growing deeply in your affection for Me.  Oh, My little one, I see how you are endeavoring to separate yourself more and more from this world, so as not to have any stain or sin and keep yourself holy, pure, and peaceful for Me.  When I come into My chambers with you I can rest and I am refreshed by your presence, no hindrances of the world are upon you.  For you have kept your mind stayed on Me all day.  You have been listening to your brothers and sisters who are also My bride, and you are picking up many treasures from them as you glean from their experiences shared with you.  Oh, My beauty, My fair one, it is well with thee and Me.  For as I come into My garden, I can smell your sweet fragrance, burning, glowing, as an incense to Me.  Oh, My beautiful bride, keep yourself separated unto Me, and saturated in My presence.  This pleases Me, this pleases My Father, this pleases My Holy Spirit.  It is well with thee and Me, for I am refreshed by your love and purity, a tender bloom on My vine.  My little dove, I love you truly.  Things are about to change all around you, My love.  Stay focused on Me and Me alone.  I shall see you through every difficulty.  Stay alert, stand and watch and see My hand stretched across your land.  Oh, My love, I see your heart, your beautiful tender heart full of love and compassion, you are called to dwell deeply in Me.  You are to remain deep in Me till the end.  I have you in the palm of My hand.  My beautiful Bride, If I want you to do something, listen, and I will tell you.  Stay where you are , deeply tucked into Me.


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