Thursday, January 15, 2015

Hearing God -Nov. 10, 2014

In quietness and gentleness she comes.  The beauty in holiness is rare and beyond compare.  For no one can see it as I do, for behind the veil there dwells truth and purity very few will ever know, but, you, My love, My dove, you have made your heart a fortress for Me.  A castle fit for kings.  I am forever enthroned upon your heart.  This is where I shall dwell with you forever, even beyond this life you now know.  Though for now it is a mystery to you.  I am about to unlock many mysteries for you My love, because you are faithful.  Your heart is ever turned to Me.  Your beauty shines forth in a radiant light, for you are clean and pure before Me.  I have washed you.  I have hand fed you.  I have watered you.  I have pruned your branches.  There is beauty in the pain.  Everything I do in your life has a plan and a purpose.  Stay yielded, My little one.  Bend and bow as needed.  A bruised reed I shall not break, pay attention to your dreams.  Many mysteries are locked up in your dreams.  I hold the keys to your dreams.  Ponder them, ask Me about them.  Meditate on them.  I shall be your teacher and your guide.  Oh, My dove, you are My beautiful dreamer.  Awaken now to Me, beloved, you shall now see clearly. All shall be revealed.  You have come to this new day, alive, awake, and thriving in Me.  Oh, the secrets, the beautiful mysteries you shall uncover and discover in Me.  Look and see, consider My ways.  Consider My hand upon your life.  You, My fair one, are strong in Me.  For you have strengthened yourself daily in Me and now you can face any challenges with honor and valor.  In meekness and in gentleness you shall go forth for Me.  My love is strong in you, it's a force to be reckoned with, as you linger in My presence, I can smell your sweet aroma, as you breath in and breath out.  Many shall see you clearly now.  I am bringing you from obscurity into the light, not stardom, but light in the darkness, they shall know that you are Mine and I live BIG in you.  They shall see a difference in you.  My, oh my, let Me look at you, beloved, you are glowing.  My presence within you is breaking out.  Lift up your eyes, can you see Me, look for Me in everything now.  Can you see Me.  Oh, My heart, My beating heart is overjoyed with your love for Me, Oh, My little one, the Kingdom is for you, live, I say live in My Kingdom now, not tomorrow, but now.  You are faithful and shall inherit all of My promises.  It is My joy and good pleasure to give you My Kingdom.  For you are pure and holy, and humble before Me.

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