Friday, January 16, 2015

Hearing God - Dec. 12, 2014

Child you have to use discernment as you are listening to people.  Some speak truths, some speak lies.  Many deceptions abound now.  Much is coming to light.  Dear one, you are safe with Me as you dwell and seek after My will, My plan, My Kingdom, for as you journey through life this is all I ask of you.  Remember, My dear one, I alone am your teacher.  Ask and I shall reveal much to you.  My hand is not short.  I reveal many different things to many different people.  If I do not answer you right away there is a reason.  Seek Me until I speak the answer to you.  Do not be shy, ponder and meditate on My word, My ways and your questions.  Dear one, it is better to ask and wait upon Me for the answers, than to never ask and never know.  If you do not want to be deceived, then you shall not be deceived.  I know your heart, My love.  I know you.  Patient endurance is the key.  Ask child, ask, and then wait upon Me for the answers.  I shall surely answer you.

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