Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Hearing God in the morning - Oct. 21, 2014

You are learning how to walk in the spirit.  It is becoming normal to you.  For you are seeing much through My eyes.  You are now in a season of Rest and Contemplation.  For you are digesting all that I have been placing into you.  This is why you are having so many Deja vu experiences, as if you've lived it before, or already experienced it.  I go before you in the spirit, and your spirit is attached to Me, so in some ways your spirit is ahead of your physical.  Trust Me, all is well with thee and Me, you are right where I want you to be.  I have shown you many life experiences, many years ago, that you are about to have.  I have set your course.  You, My love, My gentle dove, shall walk in the spirit in the physical realm.  I am manifesting many things to you, and NOW through you, for I AM in you, We are one, My love.  You are experiencing a heightened sense of awareness, in your surroundings, in the animals, and in the people.  I have prepared you for all the battles and confrontations that are ahead of you.  Remember, to remain unoffendable.  Keep yourself in My Peace.  Above  all else follow after peace, and you shall stay in My Rest.  Do not allow My Peace to leave you, My little one, if it slips away from you, or what you're experiencing, follow hard after My Peace, separate yourself from your emotions, be quiet and listen to My voice.  I alone shall direct you, I alone shall lead you down the paths of Righteousness, Peace, and Love.  For in these paths is your way home in every situation you may find yourself in.  Go, walk in Peace.  Selah.

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