Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Hearing God - Sept. 22, 2014

Beloved, I wish above all things that you would prosper and be in health in all area's of your life.  Yes, do the drink offering to Me as I detoxify your body.  You and I are one and you shall breathe and move with Me in the physical as well as the spiritual.  I am healing you in all areas of your body and your life.  I have placed within you My healing hands.  As you have freely received this, you must freely give it out, as I direct you.  Not everyone shall be healed, but, as your faith grows, nothing shall be withheld from you.  I am the God of impossible things.  You, My dear one, shall do many impossible things, as My spirit leads you and moves within you.  Do not doubt My words, dear one, Only Believe, All, and I mean All things shall be possible as you believe.  The Kingdom is within you. Many are seeking the Kingdom to find the riches of earth for themselves.  This is backwards and upside down.  You must turn within to find the Kingdom.  The Kingdom is hidden deep within the earthly vessels I have personally hand made.  All are uniquely made, one of a kind masterpieces.  The Kingdom is cloaked in the darkness, and shrouded in mystery and intrigue.  All who desire to enter into My Kingdom must make the personal and challenging journey for themselves.  The path is narrow.  Look within, be still, follow after My still small voice, I am speaking, you must learn to hear.  It will require you to battle the great god of "self", the god of "me"must be brought low and humbled before Me.  It is better to move along in your journey, fully yielded to Me, but some will not heed this instruction, for they are willful and full of pride and self, so be it, their time of testing shall be most severe.  But, to the ones who are truly seeking Me, I shall be found.  Do not give up in your quest to truly find Me for yourself.  I am the rewarder.  Many are on their journey to Me now, many have found Me as you have, My love, as My flock comes into My fold, pastures open up for them with signs and wonders they have never seen or experienced before.  All is well for you, My little ones, you ae not going crazy, you are not losing it, you have broken down the walls of self and entered into My Kingdom, now our relationships are flourishing, as I hand feed each of My lambs, only the choicest morsels, they eat and drink their fill now, and I shall not be separated from any of them.  The narrow way is the only way.  You must endure much purging and testing.  You must look within, take the journey, it will be the best journey of your life.  If you seek Me, I shall be found of you.  I am the Way, I am the Truth, I alone am the Life.  Choose now who you will follow, Me or self.  You must choose, choose wisely, for your life and future are in the balance.  I see you ALL, now, I ask you to look for Me, search now, in earnest, while I may still be found.  Selah.

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