Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Hearing God - Sept. 20,2014

Oh, My beloved, I am here with you.  I see you.  You are not distant from Me.  To have a servants heart is to purely reflect Me, and this pleases Me, dear one, this pleases Me.  You shine with the purity of My eternal flame within you.  As you pass through this season, you shall be a blessing and a comfort to many, for with compassion of heart, that can only be acquired through much severity of testing, you shall be able to minister bread and water to many who are going through their time of travail and  testing.  You can only give out what you have personally acquired from Me, I reward you with many gifts and abilities as you labor and pass through your own tests.  The journey is not easy.  It is difficult to break away from self, and many never will, but, know this, the ones that are going through this fire, shall shed many tears, their deep pain shall be evident upon them.  As they come to you, you shall pour in the oil and the wine, healing divine.  For My love and My spirit shall flow forth from you like honey, it shall glow, for you My child, are golden, it shall stick to the hurting places and bind up their wounded hearts.  My spirit shall rest upon you and flow thickly upon My people through you.  For you were a wounded vessel that I have healed through your continual coming to Me.  As I have done for you, I shall do for others as I flow through you.  I am the source, you, My dear one are My yielded vessel.  I love you, My fair one.  Stay strong in Me.  I pour into you from My continual everlasting spring, and you pour out like a river to form an oasis for My little ones to find rest from the storms.  I am pleased with you child.  We are one, you shall soar upon the high places with Me in spirit and in truth.  I am breaking every chain off of you.  I am setting you free.  As I am doing for you, I shall do for all who come and bow down to My authority and let Me lead and direct their lives.

*Note:  As I am writing this the Holy Spirit is singing "Oh, it's a good day, to have a good day..." 

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