Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Hearing God - March 27, 2013

It pleases Me child, that you deny yourself to get up to hear from Me.  My heart is full of joy to see you eagerly come to hear from Me.  I love you My child, you are growing stronger in Me.  Your alms with your mom are beautiful and do not go unnoticed.  Your diligence in My word will be rewarded.  I love that you love Me.  My hand is upon you.  Stay close to Me child, I am your refuge.  Many are being weighed in the balance now and are found lacking, that is why you keep hearing "Mene, tekel farson". I see all.  I read the heart.  This Passover season is very special, it pleases Me that you are endeavoring to participate in it.  Today I want you to anoint all your doors and windows with olive oil and say "Yehushua is My Passover Lamb, I am covered in the blood of the lamb."  Rest today, I know you have chores to do, but do them slowly and Rest in Me today.  I am with you child in everything you invite Me to do today.  Ask Me for strength today.  TRUST Me child in everything you do.  Call upon Me and I will help you, for I am your ever present help in time of need.  I never leave you.