Sunday, May 11, 2014

Hearing God - April 10, 2013

I am for you, not against you.  I desire that you live in the fullness of Me.  You were created for Me, to have fellowship with Me.  The closer you stay to Me, the more protected you are.  I go before you child.  I never leave you.  Do not worry about tomorrow for you know who holds today.  Dwell in Me child.  TRUST Me.  Close your eyes child, what do you see?

Vision:  I see you sitting down in the garden talking to me

I am all you need.  Nothing is impossible to those who believe.  No matter how dark the battle rages, you live in Goshen - the place of protection.  The place of light and were no plagues can enter.  I am your healer.  I am your provider.  I am your deliverer.  No weapon formed against you shall by any means prosper.  Be let by My spirit.  Don't compare yourself to others.  Each of My children is very precious to Me, and each one has a special work to do for Me.  Glean from each other, share what I am revealing to you with others.  Let Me use you to light the way to relationship with Me.  People need to come to Me, but they don't know how.  Show them how you come to Me.  Show them how to wait on Me, show them how I speak to you.  Light the way child.  Time is short.  I love you child.  Seek Me first and all will go well with you I am your way maker.