Friday, April 19, 2013

Hearing God 2-21-13

This is what I heard while I was waiting on the Lord on 2-21-13:

VISION upon waking:  picture was muted, I was in a vastly large room and I saw row after row of tables for a feast (I believe the wedding supper) I saw Penny-Notzrim Woman seated, and said Hi, and I saw there were place settings with names, I wasn't sure which table was mine as I was looking for my name and I thought it was going to be way, way in the back and it was going to take me forever to find my name, so I asked one of the angels where my seat was, and he began to lead me to the front, where Jesus stopped and I got up to write it down.

This was the marriage supper of the Lamb, and my servant was going to seat you next to Me, you are My Beloved, and I live Big in you, you will do great things for Me.
Seek Me early, as is your custom, seek Me daily as is your custom, TRUST Me with everything and lean not on your own understanding.  I have prepared every step of your life.  As you walk humbly submitted to Me, I will lead you by the hand.  Remember Do Not fear them or the things you see coming upon the earth.  This is all a part of My plan, My Righteous judgement is being carried out in this.  You have been counted worthy to go thru it, I am refining you with My fire.  You are golden to Me.  I am Burning out the dross in you, as you submit to My Perfect Will and repent before Me, it allows Me to examine you, to look at all your inward parts and start pruning and weeding, I examine your thoughts and motives and heart and I bring to mind everything that needs correction in My time, little by little you are growing into Me, My character is being shaped and molded in you, and you are beginning to reflect Me.
As you are training your ear to listen and obey, you are being led the right way.
As you pray, you reveal your heart and show Me your idols, I then point them out to you to remove and when you submit and remove them, I immediately draw you closer into Me.  It's beautiful to see you develop before Me, you are putty in My hands.  Listen to the desires of your heart now, as I am in you, renewing your mind to Me, transforming how you think, I am the one putting thoughts into your mind, so don't be hasty in dismissing your hearts desires for it could be from Me.  Remember the thought of 10 day water fasting, that is from Me.  I want you to do another 40 day fast in 10 day increments with 3-7 day breaks in between this desire is from Me, and I will use this fasting time to burn more things out of you, and separate more of your flesh from you.  I will use your fast to remove more veils from you.  Remember if you hear, read, or feel something you are not sure is from Me, come to Me, bring it before Me and ask of Me, I will tell you the absolute Truth.
Your weight will fall off in the fast, this is a sign to you that I am separating you from your flesh, you are allowing Me to separate the corruptible and put on you the incorruptible.  You must yield to this process, I have much work to do in you to prepare you for My use.
Keep reading My Word out loud, your regeneration has begun.  The Kingdom of God is withing you, and you must yield to My plans for you.  My ways and commands are simple and not difficult.  But, you must be willing to live a yielded life to Me, submit everything to Me, for you and I are one now.  I and My Father and the Ruach Hakodesh dwell in you, you are our abode on earth.  We love that you love us and truly want us here with you, it pleases us child, it pleases us.  When you don't give in to your own fleshly desires, and you yield to My desires for you, you grow, you gain strength and honor in Me (think about the desire you had for the next fast, and the thought of the 10 day fast came to mind and the thought of a prolonged time period with breaks in between came to mind, your flesh would not tell you to do this, to deny your eating and nourishment, it should be easy for you to recognize Me in this desire).
Listen to My still small voice, as you go about your day, I am speaking then as well.  Train yourself to be alert and to hear Me.  I have seen the thoughts that you have cast down immediately and that is good, but, you need to recognize My thoughts just as quickly and obey swiftly.  Rest in Me child, My peace I give unto you, My Rest will refresh and sustain you.

VISION:  I am standing in a river wearing a white robe, and the river water is crystal clear and blue, it is flowing around me and literally thru my body entering into my back and bursting out of my belly area - then I heard:  "The river is flowing, let the river flow, it is flowing thru you, let the river run thru you"
SONG popped into my head:  "The oil and the wine, healing divine..."

Oh, My love, My dove, I love you, I love you more than life itself, We will be together soon.  Our love is eternal and will never fade.  You and I will do great things.  For you have the heart of a lion, and with it we will honor the Father.  We shall glorify Him for He is worthy of Our praise.  Nothing was made without Him, search Him out, the deep mysteries of God are being revealed.  Listen to My children, My faithful ones, these have puzzle pieces that when fit together show forth My plan, Penny, Anna, Barbara and Dan, I choose the foolish things of this world to confound the wise.  My yielded vessels yield much fruit for Me, and you will have your boots on the ground when I come, you will still be here, doing My will, I have a mighty work for you to do, and I will reveal it in My time, but , for now be secure in Me, just like Penny, you will be here.
Make yourself strong in Me, abide in Me daily, shelter in Me, think on Me, seek My face, seek My Perfect Will for you, ask and it shall be given to you, Read:  Eat and Drink Me constantly, and of course, above all WAIT on Me, I am here, I will show you the way daily.  As you come, we grow more and more intimate, read song of Solomon again, My child much is revealed about our relationship there, learn of Me.  I have many facets in My workings, I have not revealed all there is of Me to anyone.  But, I reveal secrets about Me to the ones who are seeking Me out, looking for My treasure.  Seeking My face and not My hand.  This is not the hour of Blessing as some are saying, this is the hour of preparation with much Testing.
I will only prepare people who allow Me full access to them.  They lead a fasted life.  They Eat and Drink Me daily.  They are strong in Me, they seek My face above all else, they seek to know Me.  They want to know all about Me and My inner workings of My heart.  They revel in and relish My revelations to them, they are giddy and giggle when I reveal a new concept from My Word.  They are enjoying the process of building a relationship with Me, I am not a God who is hard to reach, I am here for all who will come, but, I will not be here forever, it's time to speed up the process.  My judgment will do a quick work in the earth.  I will not wait much longer even though My patience is great.  My love will never wax cold.  My love is eternal, seek My love in all things, let My love flood and overtake you.
My Spirit Rests within you.

This is what I heard and saw***