Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Wind

Hello There...Wow, well, can you say wind chimes were gently singing their songs this beautiful fall season, until, until yesterday, and then they exploded with loud, painful clanging noises ( I swear they were screaming for help) I was wondering, for a while, if I was hearing their farewell songs....but, they have survived and are gently singing their songs once again is now officially fall at our house...last night around 7:00 p.m. I went to fall softball practice, with the wind....How windy was it you ask?  Let's just say, I spit out my gum about an hour into was getting way too crunchy for me (basically, full of dirt)...and I could have used a pair of goggles too... the ear plugs and hoodie zipped and tied did not suffice...but I survived and now I remember why they call it fall happens in the fall, in the wind, and.. in the cold, and... sometimes in the rain...but mostly in the wind...the girls didn't seem to mind at all..."it's not cold..."they said.  Well, from my perspective, sitting in my olive green portable chair, that I schlep to every practice... game... and tournament it was very cold and windy....but hey, that's just me. I carried my daughter's hoodie and some earplugs to the field because she said she did not need them and I knew she would....she put the hoodie on, about five minutes after we got there "I'm freezing" she said.  "Put the ear plugs in and pull your hoodie up" I say.  "I'm OK" she replies over her shoulder as she runs across the field to line up for a drill....and the wind blew, and blew, and blew... My daughter came out of her hoodie, fifteen minutes into practice..."I'm hot..." she says...and the wind blew, and blew, and blew....balls were hit, runners were tagged, throws were made, balls were caught and balls were chased over and over and over... I think the wind had as much fun playing wiht the softballs as the girls did (giggle, giggle...) and the wind blew, and blew, and blew.  An hour and a half later, we are trekking back to the car, she beats me back to the car and loads up her catchers bag ( this thing is ginormous and heavy, but, praise God it has wheels) I hand her my chair and tell her she beat me back to the car, she replies "I know mom, because you're a turtle"...I climb into the car and start the engine... and take out my ear plugs.  "What are those?"  Rebecca asks.  "They are the ear plugs I tried to get you to wear" I say.  She replies "When did you tell me about those?"  "When I told you to put your hoodie on" I answer.  "I didn't hear you tell me you had ear plugs, I could have used them tonight" she says.  Oh well, it must have been the wind...

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