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Friday, October 14, 2011

Meet Gracie

Hello There,

This is Gracie, sometimes crazy but mostly amazing... we love her and I wanted to share her with you. She has been flabbergasted with all the commotion these strangers are stirring up by invading her yard lately.  We have some contractors helping outside and its about to drive her crazy....she jumps and whines and wiggles all over the floor...then she collapses on the couch to catch her breath...never mind they have been here about a week...she still goes nuts...

Now she has moved to another couch...and is "listening" to the Salsa music playing outside (the workers are happy, quietly laughing and singing)...she looks stressed...she is very quiet almost contemplating....I can hear her thinking "IF only they would let me outside those guys would have so much more fun IF  I was out there doing the salsa with them, IF, IF, IF,,,," it's a very sad time for her she is under the impression that everyone is her BEST BEST BEST FRIEND and needs her to give them lots of pouncing on them over and over and over it can be quite overwhelming for some people others just roll with it....she is small but very strong and her pounces or HUGS, as she seems to think are very much needed, like you are her BEST BEST BEST FRIEND and she hasn't seen you in ages, never mind that you just went to the mailbox for like 2 minutes...she will greet you with lots of HUGS or pounces and she does not bark she whistles and gurgles and makes all kinds of sounds but I would not call it a bark....Any-who this is our Grace...a very affectionate little fireball...I hope you have a wonderful day...I'm scrapping tomorrow...thanks for stopping by...