Friday, March 22, 2013

Hearing God Personally #1 - on 2-6-13


I have been in the process of seeking God diligently now as I have felt a tugging at my heart to do so.
He has opened up a window into the realm of the spirit that I did not know about before.  He has been
teaching me how to WAIT on Him, and hear His still small voice.  Basically, He has instructed me to sit before Him at a regular time and have a pen and paper to write down exactly what he is saying and it
is amazing.  As I have sat before Him He is speaking directly to me.  This is something I thought was just for me.  BUT,  I have been instructed to put what He has been speaking to me on my blog.  Because
He says "Everyone needs to know that they can hear from God for themselves and they need to be doing this now, for in the days ahead they will need Him to tell them what to do."  So Reluctantly, I will do this for Him, this is His second request to do this and in all honesty I don't want to.  I feel these are private to Me alone, but He has asked me to do this and said "Will you be willing to Obey Me?  We shall see?  We are watching you?"  So obviously, He is serious about this and I must be Willing to Obey....(I feel the "We" is the Father, Son and Holy Spirit).

This is the first time I actually started to Focus in on Seeking Him and Hearing from Him...

February 6, 2013

This is what I heard:

This pleases Me child, I have much to tell you.

I asked Him a question:  Should I be sitting on the floor?
He answered:  No, My Child

I asked Him another question:  Father what do you want to tell me?
He answered:  I love you, I have waited for you, this pleases Me child, this pleases Me

I asked Him another question but I can't remember what I asked?
He answered:  You are clean

The pool of Siloam- "WAITING" for the Lord to pass by to Speak or Touch you
As you Wait upon Me, I will fill you with oil

Come out of Babylon

Focus on Me

America is fallen

Waiting on Me is precious in My sight - this pleases Me My child
fresh oil I will fill to overflow-no longer a foolish virgin

Trust in Me, keep your focus on Me alone

Take communion everyday, several times a day

***This is what I heard Him tell Me***

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