Friday, November 11, 2011

Catch up time

Hello There,
The weather here is amazing today, crisp, sunny and a slight chill in the air....makes me want to get in the kitchen and watch christmas movies and start baking....ummmmmm Pumpkin Bread and Banana Bread sound great . I love the way the house smells when I whip up a few loaves.  I can hardly believe that Thanksgiving is right around the corner....Amazing....Rebecca will be out for the Thanksgiving Break by next then Christmas will be here before you know it....I'm thinking about making some christmas cards this year to mail out and also to send to a Veterans homeless shelter that I just found out about, I have been informed that they have about 70 men staying there at all times.  So, this many cards may be a stretch...but I think I'm up for it....I just want to make them special, and I want to give each of them the WOW factor....we shall see, I will keep you posted...I want to start on them while I have the Thanksgiving break...  I have been finishing up a few projects that have been on my mind...Rebecca's volleyball end of season party was a huge success...I think each of the girls had a great time...I made the coaches some cards and had the volleyball players each fill out a tag for each of their coaches...they had two, who, by the way were amazing....I put the tags together with a large brad and made a tag book which I then slipped into a pocket...On the back of the cards I made an extra pocket for the notes from the parents to each of the coaches as well...I took one of the photos of the coaches from this season and put it in the card, which I think made it very special for them....For the girls I made brownies and treat bags for each of the girls...and in the treat bags were bubbles, candy, a black and white hair bow (their uniform colors were black and white), a magnetic pink memo pad with a pen, magnets, large paper clips and a individual volleyball scrapbook  for each of the girls, complete with pictures....the girls had such a great time looking at their scrapbooks.  These were so much fun to and photos to come.....I have also been making some new cards....with some of the new close to my heart stamp sets that I recently purchased.  I am about to try my hand at using copic markers, and making some christmas ornaments....oh the joy of the holidays, so many wonderful things to do...for some unknown reason I can't get my pictures to upload for you so I will work on that for awhile....have a blessed day...Oh,yeah one more thing tonight is Rebecca's last fall softball tournament.. first game tonight starts at 8:30pm and then she has another game tonight time will find me in my green chair with a coat, scarf, gloves, earmuffs and a blankie....hopefully clutching some hot chocolate....the temperature is dropping and its getting windy and chilly....time to make some snowman soup.....I'll tell you more about this later...well,  hot or cold it's always a good game for Rebecca....did I tell you basketball practice has started as well....sooo I am looking for that basketball paper for the team, there will be eight girls on the team this year, so far's going to be a great season...

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