Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Hearing God - April 16, 2016

As I was waiting on the Lord, this is what I heard:

Tune in, yes, My child, tune in to Me.  I have seen you battling and once again you have gained the victory.  As you were bombarded over and over in your mind.  The fiendish desires of your enemy is to push you off course and to destroy your peace by invading the sanctuary of your mind.

My little one, the wounds inflicted, I shall heal speedily.  For the attacks upon your mind were sent to steal your peace.  To rob you of your joy and contentment in Me.  To cast doubting shadows and wicked speculations filled with half truths and lies.

But, you, My love, My dear one, stood your ground, for you are strong in Me and though you may be wounded and weary, here you are, once again immersed in My presence as you purposefully take time to hear Me.

Beloved, as you abide in Me, your foundation grows stronger and deeper.  I am your peace, I am your strength, I am your comforter.  Do not allow any negative thoughts to  take root and seed themselves into you.  Plow them up, if any of these negative thoughts spring up, pluck them up by their roots.

Beloved, you do know Me.  We are one in spirit.  For I am in you and you are in Me.

Keep pressing forward into the new things and future I have put upon your heart.  Do not turn back.  Do not doubt, believe child, all things are possible NOW dear one.  For the hour of My power in your life shall spring forth.

Beloved, you are dear to Me.  I have created you with a plan and a purpose for your life.  You are Mine.  Ask and you shall receive.  Give and it shall be given to you.  Reach and grab ahold of the NEW.  Stretch forth your faith.  I am with you.  I am for you.

Behold, My golden oil is being poured upon your vessel.  For you have come through another level of darkness, in quietness and humbleness, and I have heard your heart and tested your faith, My love, press on.

Deep is calling unto deep.  Listen, can you hear the sound of abundance.

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