Thursday, August 27, 2020

Whispers of Spirit August 23, 2020

 I heard this today:

I hear the abundance of rain, can you hear it, My child.

I will drench you with My presence, I will pour out of you child.  

I will pour through you, from now on I will pour forth from you My willing vessels.  

Water the fields with My presence, everywhere you go, My presence will pour forth, let it flow, let it flow, let it flow.

My rain is refreshing, it's not My fire now, it's My rain.  

I will water all, I will refresh and you will grow strong in My presence.

My Spirit flows easily in the rain, for you are electrical , and the current flows through you, My little one, don't fear the rain, for it strengthens the current flowing within you.

You are electrical, the energy flows easily in an open channel.  

Everything is energy.

Everything moves or is stagnant.

Let the river flow child, let the river flow.


Vision:  I see Jesus in a white robe with a blue sash on a stage dancing in the rain, its raining all over...I see Jesus rising up from the rain, through the sky, the sky is dark but there is a glow around Jesus and behind him is the fiery sun.  He is rising up further and further into the sun, his back is to the sun and he is looking at me, then he is on top of the sun dancing and looking at me, then he comes close to me, face to face and boops my nose with his finger it makes me laugh and he laughs and goes up again rising into the sky looking at me with his back to the sun.

and then

I heard: Raise, Raise, Raise...

Be open child, be open.

In 100 years the church shall be no more, for it will no longer be needed, all will know the truth.

Whisphers of Spirit August 22, 2020

 I heard this today:

Quiet, quiet, quiet, beloved, quiet yourself now, for in the stillness I come.  

Many questions and many answers shall come to you in your stillness.

The vast greatness of My Kingdom and My knowing shall be yours, My dear one.

In your quietness now, questions shall arise within your stillness, just observe them and let them flow.  In so doing you become the observer of your thoughts not the participator, there is a difference, can you not see this, My love?  

As you allow the questions to come from within you, just observe them as they ebb and flow and observe the answers as they arise within you that you may not understand the why of, just be patient and allow the flow.

You will learn much in your stillness, My little one.

All is well, My love, all is well.  

For in the quiet, in the stillness, I come forth.  

I AM always here with you, quietly observing you.   I AM truly all around you and within you, for we are one.